4ykLive - One Man Band (the Album)

REL.Number CTS303153
REL.Date 4 September 2015
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4ykLive - One Man Band (the Album)
4ykLive - A Little Too Late
4ykLive - Cossack‘s Fate
4ykLive - One Man Band
4ykLive - It s About Soul
4ykLive - Crow
4ykLive - Ayawaska
4ykLive - Lost In The Ocean
4ykLive - 23.59
4ykLive - Muse
4ykLive - Out Of Space
Every Summer CTS release some unusual vibes, for 2015 Summer and Autumn connection we choose instrumental Hip Hop and Downtempo album by newcomer 4ykLive. The sounds immediately drop into dark city paths adventure. Viscous leads and liquid atmospheres are winding between skyscrapers of rhythm patterns and wide pad squares, under the noise rays of night streetlights. Moreover the album is impregnated with Ukrainian melodic melancholy and accessorized with variety sound details that makes it complete...